The Wobbles: A Kratomer’s Nightmare

the wobblesOne of the worst side effects that regular kratom users can experience is known as the wobbles. Although we aren’t exactly sure why this occurs, it may have to do with a specific alkaloid found within the plants leaves, as some strains tend to provoke it more (especially Bali) while others don’t.

Effects of the Wobbles

Those who have experienced the wobbles are likely very familiar with the effects, though for the lucky ones who haven’t experienced it, here’s a list of the primary symptoms.

  • Heavy difficulty focusing eyes
  • Headaches, likely from eye strain
  • Nausea, often provoked from the difficulty of focusing

If you get the wobbles, the best thing that you can do is lie down if possible. And please, don’t try to drive … or read.

There are a few ways to prevent getting the wobbles.

  • Lower your Dose
  • Change strains

However, if you have already have the wobbles, I would suggest taking activated charcoal, as it can tend to reduce the duration of the wobbles quite quickly. However, by far, the most effective way to avoid the wobbles is to keep your dosage low. For those interested, Reddit has a pretty cool post on people’s experiences with the wobbles you can find here.

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Caffeine and Kratom, an Effective Combination

caffeine and kratomAlthough I have been trying to cut back my coffee intake, it is still one of my absolute favorites. However, I have found a new friend, yerba mate. For those of you guys who like the alertness of coffee, but hate the jitteriness that it can provoke, yerba mate is priceless. I’m going to compile a few of my favorite combinations, and a few of my least favorites to help show what works for me, and may work for you.

Mate & Borneo

This combination is one of my favorites, and I try to take it right around noon or one, when my day is winding down, but I still need some focus to finish necessary tasks. This combo provide both smooth energy, and a great sense of general well-being. I’ve used this combo with coffee, and it is effective, but a bit rougher than I prefer.

Mate & Maeng Da

This is great for right after you wake up or being work, the stimulation from the two are completely different, but quite synergistic. For those of you who like a lot of energy without too much physical tenseness, this combination is fantastic

Mate & Thai

This combination can be good, depending upon the strain, or it can be a bit too much. If you’re going to try this combo, start with lower doses to see how you react.

These are a few of my favorite combos, I hope you get some good ideas or get a chance to try these.

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Using Kratom Experiences as a Guide

kratom experiences

One of the best ways to learn about anything is through user experiences. Luckily, there are enough vocal kratom users worldwide to provide us a ton of information. Because there haven’t been many studies done, we would be quite in the dark without these reports.

Best Places to Find Kratom Experiences

There are a large variety of places to find kratom experiences, but I’m going to focus on a few locations in particular that seems to have the most interesting reports.


One of the most prominent of these places is Erowid. As many of you know, Erowid is a massive online compendium of a variety of psychoactive substances including resources, studies, and of course user experience reports.

By browsing Erowid’s experiences vaults, even the most seasoned kratom user can find stuff that is not only entertaining, but actually informative. Some of the experience reports I have read deal with lesser known areas of kratom, such as potentiation, methods of preparation, effects of long term use and much more.


For those interested in kratom experiences, forums are another fantastic place to check out. There is a slight difference in these reports however, as many of them come from seasoned users of kratom, making them typically more informative than entertaining, though some certainly are entertaining.

A lot of these experience reports deal with things such as pain management with kratom, particular strain type and kratom experiences. As such, they tend to be more specific, and are great if you are looking for a user experience for a particular vendor’s kratom strain.


Reddit is very similar to many kratom forums in regard to experience reports, though they tend to be a bit sparser. Reddit is somewhat of a mix between Forums and Erowid in quality of reports, as the users tend to vary between long-term and new users.

Learning from Kratom Experiences

When I first discovered kratom, I read through as many reports as I could. On Erowid, you can get a general idea of kratom, how it works and how effective it is for many people. You tend to get a truer depiction of what kratom does to the average person, whereas on forums, the users are already obviously affected well from kratom.

My advice to new users is to read through review after review, both to find out if kratom is a good fit for you, but also to learn about which vendors are best for what you intend to do. If you’re looking for more information, here’s a good in-depth article on kratom experiences. As I always say, preparation is key.

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How Many Times to Dose Kratom Per Day?

How many times to dose per day is one of those difficult questions that really varies from person to person. For example, some people who deal with chronic pain will be better off dosing around 4 or more times a day in order to keep their pain levels down. Because of this, I’ll separate what many consider to be the ideal amount of dosages by desired effect.


Pain Relief

As I mentioned earlier, those who are looking for pain relief may not have the luxury of lowering their dose, as kratom tends to only last around 5 hours before its effects wear off depending upon the strain. For this purpose, it is likely to keep your amount of dosages higher, and your doses as low as possible. Often 4 or 5 times per day is sufficient.


Unlike pain relief, energy is much easier to accommodate. In my experience, it is best to use a strain such as a Thai, and dose either once or twice a day; alternating between once and twice is my preferred method.


Very similar to energy, if you’re using kratom as a general pick-me-up, I would suggest dosing once per day, or at maximum twice per day. Exceeding twice per day will cause a rapid onset of tolerance. It is a good idea to space the doses out in order to achieve the most from each of them.

Opiate Withdrawal

For those in opiate withdrawal, it is a good idea to start with a high amount of dosages per day, and try to ween yourself back to below 3 per day. In severe withdrawals, one may need to dose 6 or more times per day to cover the symptoms.

Although these dosage amounts vary, it is a good idea to try it out on your own. This will help you get experience in order to know how both to avoid tolerance and maximize effect.

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How to Buy Kratom in the US

buying kratom in the US

Although buying kratom in the United States can be difficult due to different state laws that prohibit or endorse kratom, it is still much better than countries which have illegalized this plant outright.

In all the time that I’ve been buying kratom online, I’ve had plenty of both positive and negative experiences, and my primary advice to anyone who is looking to do the same, is to find a good source for unbiased reviews.

When it comes to kratom vendors, 70% of them will provide decent kratom, 15% will provide awful kratom, and 15% will provide great kratom. However, even within the kratom companies that provide great kratom overall, some strains are nonetheless better than others.

Where to Buy Kratom

Because the kratom market is a volatile one, it is hard to provide info on specific vendors that provide great kratom, as they are bound to change. Despite that, there are some vendors which are quite reliable overall, and they are often a good place to start.

Although reliability is important, there are also great kratom vendors which are new. Recently I’ve been buying kratom from EnsoBotanicals, particularly their Enso Thai, which is head and shoulders above some of the other Thai strains I’ve tried.

For more sedating strains, I’ve been buying primarily from mmmspeciosa, which has some fantastic options.

Getting your Hands Dirty

Although I’ve given some suggestions, the best way to find a great kratom vendor is through careful research. There are a multitude of reviews online which can be tremendously valuable. Because the strain quality of even very reputable vendors can change from season to season, keeping up to date on reviews is tremendously important.

Some of the best places to find reviews are on forums. Forums are great because they are an organized repository of reviews, making it easy to access reviews on particular vendors on demand. Another great source is online community sites like kratom subreddits, however, with this case, it is best to remain checking up recently because information quickly gets buried under the mass amount of posts.

Signs of a Good Vendor

Obviously, the most important thing to consider with any vendor is the quality of their kratom. However, even a company with good kratom but ships extremely late, or doesn’t ship at all, is not going to be worth the risk. Because of this, reliability is key.

A reliable vendor will provide good information on their website, giving you a good idea of when they will ship, and they will keep to these shipping and packaging standards continually.

If you’re going to be a regular purchaser of kratom, finding a vendor with good customer service is going to be important, as there are a multitude of things that can go wrong when buying anything online. Finding a company with good customer service will spare you of these problems.

When it comes down to it, finding a good kratom vendor is a science. You will want to gather all the data that you can, find potential candidates, experiment with the promising ones by purchasing a small amount, and either adding them to your list, or tossing them aside. Regardless, it will take time, but will be worth it for anyone who wants to use kratom long-term.

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Boost your Immune System with Kratom

Something that I’ve read repeatedly, and have had a lot of positive experiences with is using kratom for the immune system. Whenever you feel yourself getting sick, or anyone you are frequently around is getting sick, take kratom a couple times a day for three days.

I have had awesome results from this, and tend to be sick half the time I used to, and tend to stay sick for half as long, it is really quite effective.

Although this is mostly speculation, researchers have found a few alkaloids that are known to promote immune system stimulation. These alkaloids are





Although all of these alkaloids are pretty potent immune system stimulators, Mitraphylline is thought to do most of the work, and is found in quite high amounts in kratom leaf. For those who are interested, there is a pretty decent list of alkaloids you can find here.


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Finding your Dosage Sweet-Spot

Something interesting that I’ve noticed over the years is that almost all kratom users tend to have a very unique dosage in order to get the best effects from strains. I have heard people claim that 6 grams wasn’t doing much for them, so they dropped to 3.5 and had great effects. Although this sounds odd, it seems a fairly common occurrence between kratom users.

When I found my first dosage sweet spot, it was at around 5.5 grams, and some of my friends have a very similar sweet spot, typically 5 – 6.5 grams. At doses above this level, I would get lethargic, and less euphoria, whereas at doses below, I wouldn’t get quite the effects I was looking for. However, depending on the strain, my sweet spot may vary slightly, and here’s what I do about it.

As accurate dosage is important, it is a good idea to get a scale accurate to at least 1/10 of a gram. It take my regular dosage minus 1 gram in the early morning, and gauge my feeling. After 1 hour I take another gram or .5 gram depending on how I’m feeling and this dose determines whether I up my dose or drop more. This has worked quite effectively for me, especially when working with new strains.

For a general outline, check out this post Similar to them, I suggest not exceeding over 8 grams.

By following this, I’ve found a sweet spot for every strain, and typically white veins require an extra gram, whereas red veins often require less than my regular dose. In time you’ll learn what works best for you.

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Night and Evening Kratom Blends

Although I recently did a post on daytime blends, I also have a handful of night-time and evening blends that I really enjoy. Occasionally, you’ll see one of these blends contain a small amount of a stimulating kratom, and I prefer this because even very tiny amounts of stimulating kratom can enhance the experience without making the kratom too stimulating for night time use.

Here are some of my favorite kratom blends

  • 1/3 Borneo , 1/3 Thai & 1/3 Bali

For some reason, the combination of these three tends to be quite effective for getting clean sedative effect all the white remaining clean. The base of these two is Bali and Borneo, which balance each other out, as typically Bali is more pronounced, and Borneo more subtle. The Thai adds barely enough stimulation to fully enjoy the experience without changing energy levels too much

  • 1/4 Maeng Da & ¾ Borneo

This combination is quite similar to the above one, but is extremely smooth in all respects. It takes the short acting energy of maeng da and mixes it with the sedation of Borneo and creates a quite euphoric peak and a gentle, warm tail end.

Although I occasionally mix Indo & Borneo, and Borneo & Bali, and they are quite effective for sleep and mood lift, I tend to prefer the above if I have a few hours of uptime lift, as the energy wears off within the second hour, creating a calm experience afterwards.


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Euphoric Kratom Strains

Euphoric KratomWhile I recently created an article on different kratom strains and effects, I thought it might be a good idea to put together a list of what I experience as the most euphoric kratom strains. Luckily, after doing a bit of research, it seems like a lot of people agree with me in this area. So without further ado, here is the list.

Maeng Da

I think a lot of other people can agree with me when I say that maeng da, on average, is the most euphoric kratom strain of all. However, it should be noted that there are plenty of other types of kratom which can rival maeng da, but MD seems to have a much better consistency of euphoric effects than a lot of other strains of kratom.


Bali is great. I spent years with Bali as my favorite type of kratom. Some of the best strains for euphoria I’ve ever tried were Bali. It should be noted that the euphoria from Bali is quite different from that of maeng da. Maeng da has a sort of energetic euphoria, whereas Bali is the complete opposite, a prime example of sedative euphoria.

The feeling of Bali has more of a warmth than I typically experience on Maeng Da. Because of these factors, it is very difficult to compare the two in this aspect.


Of all the different kratom strains that I have tried, the most euphoric was a Borneo, and even stranger it was a green vein Borneo. What’s unique about this, is that I hardly respond to most green vein strains of kratom. In my experience, the potency of Borneo can vary a bit more than either Bali or MD, however, if you pick the right strain, you can get amazing effects from it.

This site gives an excellent description of the euphoric effects from a good Borneo kratom, clean and subtle yet extremely potent. Very hard to describe unless you’ve experienced it firsthand.


Indo is quite unique, and in my experience it seems to be a blend between a Bali and a Borneo in effects. While this typically isn’t quite my cup of tea, some people absolutely love Indo strains of kratom.

While this isn’t a comprehensive list of the most euphoric kratom, it should be enough to give you a general idea of exactly what you can expect from each of these strains in terms of euphoric effects. However, it should be noted that tolerance to euphoric effects of kratom builds quite quickly and because of this it is a good idea to not take any type of kratom too often, else the effects will wear off quickly.


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My Favorite Daytime Kratom Blends

kratom blends

Something that I rarely ever see discussed is strain combinations. A lot of people stick to a specific strain throughout the time that they take kratom, and while this can be good if the strain fits you perfect, I’ve found that blending strains can be a great way to get the desired effects while minimizing effects you don’t like.

Here is a quick list of my favorite blends for different purposes, here it goes.



  • ½ White Vein Borneo & ½ Thai

In this mix, the white vein borneo tends to offset the pure energetic effects of the thai, and tends to promote a good deal of mental clarity while leaving the body relaxed and only mildly stimulated.

Endurance & Mood

  • 2/3 Maeng Da & 1/3 Bali

For some reason, this combination is one of my absolute favorites. The energetic effects tend to offset the sedation by the Bali and keep in in a peak state of mind. A good bonus about this one is it is quite euphoric in a very unique way. There’s definitely something unique about this blend that I haven’t found in many others.

  • ½ Thai & ½ Green Malay

In my experience, this combination is pretty great for just an uplifting vibe, as the Thai tends to add something unique that I haven’t experienced on Malays alone.

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Repeal TN Kratom Ban

TNAlthough I used to live in Tennessee, I no longer do, however, it still holds a place in my heart. Luckily for me, kratom wasn’t banned until a few months after I left the state. Sadly, a lot of people who have legitimate conditions such as pain or opiate addiction were abruptly forced to either give up kratom, or leave.

When I left, and the reason why I left, there was a big pill issue in the area. For months prior to departure there was enough supply in my area to drive the price of 30mg IR oxycontin to $7, sad really. I also recall lot of high school kids in my area popped for selling and using them.

For those who want to repeal TN’s kratom ban, please sign this petition and contact Bill Haslam; something should be done about this.

I’m going to try and keep updated petitions on this website for every state and county in order to try to help those who wish to be active in this battle.


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Effects By Kratom Strains – What Strains Should You Choose?

Different kratom strainsOne of the most confusing things for any new kratom user to understand is how strains play a role in the effects of kratom. In fact, when I first started, I heard a lot of contradictory information on the subject due to looking in all the wrong places.

Kratom is a very unique plant, as each different strains has a different blend of alkaloids, which when combined in varied ways, produce quite different effects. For a general overview, I’ll go over the most popular strains and vein types of kratom and give a general idea of what to expect.

Vein Types

Before looking at any individual strain, vein type is a fairly reliable way to classify the effects of a given leaf. There are three vein types that have quite varied effects, these include: Red, White and Green Vein. Note that this post is intended as a general overview, if you want a more in-depth look, check out this article on kratom strains.

  • Red

Red vein is the most common type of kratom you will find online. It tends to be much more sedative than the other two vein types and is most commonly used for pain, relaxation and just generally feeling good.

  • White

White is by far the most stimulating variety of kratom, and tends to be shorter acting than both green and red veins. This strain is great for when you need a good boost or some mental clarity to tackle a specific problem or simply want to get some energy after a long day.

  • Green

Green vein kratom strains tend to be in the middle in comparison to red and white veins. Green veins tend to be neither overly sedative nor overly energetic, though there is some variation. This type of kratom tends to last a while and has decent pain relief effects.

Most Common Kratom Strains

There are a few very common types of kratom which tend to have rather predicable effects in most cases.

  • Maeng Da

Maeng Da is the most well-known type of kratom and is quite interesting as it provides both large amounts of pain relief as well as energy, which is quite unusual for a kratom strain. Definitely a euphoric strain of kratom.

  • Bali, Borneo & Indo

Bali, Borneo & Indo are some of the most common varieties of kratom and are great for pain relief and mood as well, however, they tend to be quite sedative, especially in red vein varieties. While these strains to differ somewhat in effect, it tends to have more to do with the individual plant or vendor.

  • Thai

Thai is one of the best kratom strains for energy. While it doesn’t typically have as pronounced painkilling effects as the maeng da, it tends to be about as stimulating. This kratom is ideal for when you need a quick pick-me-up.

While there are a variety of other kratom strains, such as Malaysian and Vietnam, they tend to be a decent balance between stimulation and sedation. I should note that there are differences between different kratom leaf of the same variety, so this overview of strains it not to be taken too literally; instead, it should be taken as a general guideline or overview.

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New Kratom User? Check Out This Video

Although I recently posted a quick video on kratom, in my browsing I found another one that may be helpful for new users. This one isn’t as much about addiction as much as just a general guide for new users, though it is still helpful.

While I disagree with some points in the video, especially on strains, it is still pretty informative for a new user in order to get a good idea of what to expect at any specific dose. You can check out this video here

There are a few other pretty decent resources on kratom dosage online for more information, juts do a quick google search. As I learn better via videos, they tend to be my preference.

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Kratom for Addiction (A Testimonial)

I wanted to show you guys a pretty good video on how kratom can be a life-saver when it comes to addiction. I was once addicted to opiates myself, and thanks to kratom am no longer in that situation.

I should note that the title of this video is kind of misleading, lol.

For anyone else who is suffering from addiction from anything from stimulants to opiates (especially opiates), I highly suggest you give kratom a shot. I’ve been off of them for over 2 years now without relapse, or anything above a mild craving since I’ve been on kratom, something that I couldn’t say about any of the other “medications” I have been on.

If you’re addicted, I hope this video helps you out and points you in the right direction.

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